This is just too much fun to write.

I got back from lunch this afternoon to an e-mail from Tom Duff, forwarding a note he had received about a job opportunity at Microsoft.  I'm certainly aware that Microsoft has field staff focused on Notes to Exchange migrations, though this is the first time I've seen them use the Domino blogs as an avenue for recruiting "Exchange Rangers".  Tom's comment was "Can you believe this? ;-)", and as you can see from the link above, he blogged about it.

Things got funnier.

As I was reading Tom's e-mail, I received a note at my weblog's e-mail address with the subject "Spare a thought for Microsoft?"  Hmm, well, sure, I spare thoughts for Microsoft all the time!  Let's see what this is about...

Well, the introductory paragraph was somewhat different, but the crux of the e-mail was the same as what Tom posted -- would I be interested in an "Exchange Ranger" job?  

Excuse me a moment while I go clean up after snorting so hard.

Several weeks ago, I was contacted on behalf of Microsoft for a different job.  I don't want to breach confidentiality on that one (as opposed to this e-mail, which made no such request).  But it was a much bigger and more important role.  At the time, I was flattered that Microsoft considers me a worthy enough competitor to be on their list.  Today, on the other hand, honestly -- I'm laughingly insulted.  After turning down big-important-job, what  recruiter would think I'd want to be a "Ranger"?  Working on Notes to Exchange migrations?  For Microsoft?

I know, I know, that's a pretty funny one!  I hope all of you who were contacted had a similar reaction!!

Updated: For those of you arriving here via, please read this posting.

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