Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft is again describing Exchange "12" as a "late 2006/early 2007" deliverable.

Microsoft execs announced earlier this year that Exchange 12 would ship in 2006. Now Microsoft is back to saying to expect Exchange 12 in late 2006 or early 2007.
That will make more than three years between releases, meaning that customers who bought Software Assurance at the time of Exchange 2003 will be left with nothing to show for it.  I suspect the same will happen for SharePoint 2003.  The same did happen for SQL Server 2005, and it sounds like Steve Ballmer is quite proud of it.  Is there any major Microsoft server product that is delivering value over a three-year period?
As long as I'm on that point, Gartner is advising customers to wait until 2008 to deploy Windows Vista.  In the meantime, they'll have paid six years of Softwware Assurance on Windows desktops -- and in all likelihood, procure new PCs that come pre-bundled with Windows Vista licenses, anyway.  Don't see much ROI there.

Link: Microsoft Watch: Microsoft Hedging Its Exchange 12 Bets > (Thanks, Bill)

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