Mikkel captured one of the moments of applause from Lotusphere 2010's business development day general session:

I was happy to hear that Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino will also go into controlled distribution in 2010 meaning that you have to be certified to sell it. I find that a very good, although bold move by IBM. This is a decision that will help us tremendously in our business. Having to be certified (both technically and sales wise) means that you cannot simply sell licenses without delivering value. That's great and wise move that will benefit both the partner community and the customers.
This was not an easy decision.  Lotus Notes and Domino have been in market for over 20 years, so any time we change the way that the product is sold, we think long and hard about it.  We know that some business partners have historically been Notes/Domino license resellers as a convenience for their customers, others have done so as the modern-day equivalent of "box movers", and some have done so as part of solutions.  

Without getting into the ins-and-outs of IBM PartnerWorld, the decision announced today (which will take 12 months to go into effect) is that we want only IBM's "Software Value Plus" (SVP) authorized partners to be able to resell those Notes/Domino licenses -- and that will be the same for all Lotus offerings.  As one partner tweeted back to me this morning after the announcement, "Skills FTW".  Only those partners truly interested in promoting Notes/Domino will have the right to be IBM resellers for it -- which means stronger commitments to end-customers as well.

Link: Mikkel Heisterberg: Lotusphere 2010: Conference Underway >

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