When I got into marketing years ago, my then-manager and still Loti Jeanette Barlow was fond of saying "simplify and amplify".  I'm not sure we're always keeping that in mind, but sometimes it works.  The Notes on Linux announcement earlier this week was a great example.  "IBM is releasing Notes on Linux" works a whole lot better than "IBM is releasing a stand-alone Lotus Notes plug-in running atop the IBM Workplace managed client in a self-provisioned shell built on the Eclipse.org framework".

Sometimes the message can be over-simplified.  In my presentations about the upcoming Notes/Domino 7.0.2 release, I've emphasized that the new features are "orthogonal"...that they aren't disturbing the core Notes/Domino code.  So in watching the keynote from the ILUG a few weeks ago, Mikkel Heisterberg wondered:

Not all the 388 fixes listed on Lotus developerWorks are template related. Did I misunderstand what Ed said or were he simply wrong? Did he mean the added RSS functionality was orthogonal to the code?
Sorry about the confusion.  7.0.2 is of course a maintenance release, which addresses SPRs as with other maintenance releases.  There are also new features.  They are optional and don't disturb the core codebase.  In other words, this isn't a "7.1" because it's not a core Domino upgrade...the architecture, features, etc. are all the same as 7.0.0.  

Some companies have policies that new feature releases require more rigorous testing cycles than bug fixes or service packs.  The point in calling the RSS template, blogging template, "Nomad" install "orthogonal" is that out of the box, this is not a feature release.  There are new features that can be implemented, at a template/application level, but nothing new in the core nserver.exe.

Does that help?

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