MIS Asia: The right dosage

February 18 2006

MIS Asia profiles how Singapore's National Healthcare Group benefitted from server consolidation projects, such as bringing a mixed Domino+Exchange environment together on Lotus Domino....

Next, e-mail platforms were standardised between November 2003 and May 2005 to Lotus Domino/Notes. Six thousand to 7,000 users were affected, including 2,000 NUH users who had previously been using Microsoft Exchange and had to be trained to use the new platform. The other institutions were cut over by end-2004.

Administrative cost of gateways and directories has been cut by 10%. "The total cost of now supporting the whole cluster is less than what we used to pay for just the 4,000 users on Lotus," says Tham.

NHG reaps other benefits too: better control over network security, a consolidated e-mail directory, and more cost-effective use of server capacity.
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