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January 6 2006

I've been frustrated in the last couple of days by a couple of blogs with moderated comments.  Since DominoBlog has had 99% accuracy blocking comment spam, and several other solutions exist to deter it for other blog technologies, I think moderating comments is really more of a control thing than a true anti-spam measure.  In both of these cases, I'm pretty sure that's the case.  And since it's been at least two days in each case, and my comments still haven't been "moderated", I'll just cover them here.

  • Case #1 -- Michael Hermann wrote about initial experiences with IBM Workplace.  I'm not sure what approach a "dot net junkie" takes to Workplace Services Express, but given that background, unsurprisingly, his initial impressions are negative.  He has a problem downloading from the IBM website (seemingly a common gripe) and instead of retrying, figures that he can blame it on IBM web server, Workplace, or WebSphere, a "12.5% chance of the 3 components working at any given time".  Sort of like Windows, IIS, and SharePoint, but I guess I shouldn't go there. ;)   His second impression is a rant about the download file name, and how he can't figure out what the files are because of it.  And where's the readme?  Well, Michael, the file name might not be self-documenting, but I'm sure you read the screen where you actually downloaded from, right?
Image:Moderated blog comments A good question is, should I even care anyway?  I found these blogs through technorati and/or blogdigger.  They may not have much in the way of readership, but if I could find them by searching for Lotus Notes or whatever, others making similar searches will, too.  As such, it would be nice if their blogs allowed for the discourse implied by having a comments feature.  And if they're not interested in that then turn the comments off or at least make their comments polcies clear.  I would then know to recommend they switch to DominoBlog or some other appropriate blogging tool....or to not bother paying attention.

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