Molto bene in Milano

October 8 2007

Over 500 attended today's Lotus Collaboration Summit in Milan, filling the auditorium, eating the lunch buffet's entire stock of delicious prosciutto and smoked salmon, and generally having a great event.

Image:Molto bene in Milano Lotus Collaboration Summit Milano 

I had the opportunity to present the Lotus strategy as well as the Notes/Domino 8 update.  The strategy presentation was a bit of a challenge -- the world is adopting some of the concepts of collaboration at different paces.  I admitted in my closing that some of what IBM describes about virtual workforce, remote collaboration, online meetings all sounds like a "dream" at times -- and that I am humbled to be living that dream.  I acknowledge that there are many, many jobs throughout the world where organizational culture does not lend itself to these concepts -- but the notion of collaboration, synchronous as well as asynchronous, definitely is still a need and a benefit in those same organizations.

I was pleased to see that Microsoft was in attendance, and as far as I know, I only made one comment in their general direction.  Adapting well to culture, I took out my jokes and humorous references...but still at times found my speaking rate was too quick for the translators.  We will do better in Roma on Wednesday.

A highlight of the day was meeting the DominoPoint.IT crew.  Imagine Paul Mooney's energy with an Inigo Montoya hairdo and you've got the right idea (maybe I should wait on describing these guys until they post the picture we took together...).  Anyway, they've done an increidble job of creating a Notes/Domino community here in Italy -- drawing hundreds of people to a Notes/Domino event just a couple of weeks ago.  Hence the reference to Mr. Mooney -- I believe he gave these guys some good ideas and inspiration, and it clearly has paid off.  Incredible power in having a self-running community like that, especially in a country where we can't just parachute in too many English-speaking presenters, unless we also bring along some really good translators.

Tomorrow is an off/travel day, but I think I'll have a few highlights to report.  For now, off to dinner...

Updated: Here are some smiling faces from Milano -- Daniele and Giuseppe, along with me in one of these wacky giveaway hats.

Lotus Collaboration Summit Milano

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