More and more European

November 18 2006

I appear to be in a European frame of mind, as I ready to spend eight days overseas this week and next.  Two random clues:

1) I bought a couple of shirts the other day from the catalog of London shirtmaker Charles Tyrwhitt. Their catalog featured the addresses of their two stores in New York City on the cover, and a special introductory offer.  I was a little surprised when the confirmation e-mail stated that the shirts would be shipped by Royal Mail -- I expected them to be delivered from New York.

The mystery became stranger as a couple of weeks passed since placing the order.  Yesterday, a very large nylon sack was delivered to my door, along with postal tags indicating it was delivered via Swiss Post.  Inside were my shirts.  Now I can't tell where in the world these really shipped from, as the return address on the customs declaration is Swiss Post International (UK) on one side, and SPI LHR in Zurich on the other side.  There's also a Geneva address on a separate tag.

So the shirts are here and they're nice enough.  Good thing, too -- since, of course, the address for shipping returns is in Inwood, New York.

2) I'm honoured to have learned that Aer Arann Islands has selected a couple of my photos from last year's visit to Inishmor for their updated website.  That seven-minute flight is going to live on for a long time!

As for this week/next week's travels, I don't think we'll have time for a geekdinner (of my arranging, at least) during Admin2006 in Vienna.  I'm really only going to be there on Wednesday, and my schedule at the event goes until 7:30 PM.  As the conference venue is located a ways out from the city center, I just don't think we can make it work.  Next time...

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