A few more good Lotusphere conference summaries have shown up in the last few days...

Also, I noticed that my colleague Adam Gartenberg posted a list of Lotusphere thank-yous.  Borrowing on the theme, some people I have to thank for a great show:
  • Carl Tyler for setting up LotusphereLive.com
  • Sandra Marcus for a million reasons, of course...but this year additionally for providing me a power outlet (and reserved seat) to live blog during the opening and closing sessions
  • Martha Moreau for making the CS101 customer panel a great experience for everyone involved; Nathan, Hugh, Brooks, Roger, and Dale for being a fantastic and easy-to-work-with panel
  • Michael Mottola and Julian Robichaux for being great co-presenters
  • Penumbra for hosting a fantastic dinner
  • Kitty Elsmore for arranging a really nice dinner on Thursday night
And, very probably, many many others.  Last, thank you to all of you who introduced yourself during the week -- it just makes the whole thing so much more human.

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