Last week, I previewed a new offering from IBM designed to help with end-user training for Lotus Notes.  You all were as excited as I am about this new offering, but you had some questions.

I've now had the opportunity to check out the training materials and learn more about how they are built and delivered.  I'm even more impressed than I was by the marketing materials.  There are literally hundreds of tools and tips here, and they can be delivered in up to eleven different languages (recorded by native speakers).

There is now a preview video available.

Some answers to questions asked:
  • The total package size is about 3 GB -- that's all 11 languages.  It can be published on your company's intranet or delivered as a sidebar plug-in in the Notes client.
  • The offering is priced per-user, per-language.  
  • There is a video of each feature, as well as a written instruction help (that can be printed).
  • Based on the list prices, this is a very affordable offering.  Above 10K users, it's less than US$1 per user at list -- and adding languages incrementally even less.  Sales contacts are listed on the IBM web page about this offering.  I know some of you expressed hope and desire that this would be free -- but we need to cover the production costs.

I encourage you to check this out.
Image:More on the IBM Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes
Image:More on the IBM Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes


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