As the jetlag starts to pass, I've had a few more minutes to spend with my digital camera, flickr, and my inbox to write some additional impressions of last Friday's event with the Notes Consortium in Shibuya.

(About 50 updates in my Japan set on Flickr)

What a great event!  I spent more than three hours with this group...two hours in formal presentation and Q&A, and another hour while community members did demonstrations of everything from Notes V1 (yes, really) to some great Notes 8 composite application samples.  At the conclusion of the evening, the group presented me with the Happi Coat mentioned in the prior entry.  What I did not explain there was the additional symbolism of that coat.  In Japanese, most syllables/words are pronounced with a vowel sound at the end, so I was called "Ed-o" most of last week.  "Edo" is also the historical name for Tokyo, and it is the first character in Kanji on that Happi Coat.  Thus, I am very honored by their gift, and am planning to have it framed and hanging in my home office.

More on Notes/Domino in Japan in the next day or two.

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