Dennis Clarke, who is the caretaker of a Sun Solaris-related site called, offers some pretty strong endorsements of Lotus Domino:

  • "I have installed hundreds of Lotus Notes and Domino servers and I have production units with uptimes that are over 500 days"
  • "Back in '97 I setup Lotus Notes for thousands of users on 4-way Compaq Proliant 5000 servers in a cluster with Sun Sparc servers.  All of them ran the same version of Notes on the same version of Solaris.  Two architectures with the same software.  In a cluster.  And it all 'just worked'."
  • " You see, Lotus Domino on Solaris just works.  Really really well.  Rock solid.  Because it has been working on Solaris for a decade people. "
All of this in the context of a story of how he helped someone move a Domino server from Linux to Solaris.  I'm not sure that moving operating systems is a necessary or appropriate solution to the issues raised.  Still, in the end, Dennis's colleague has a "real fast" Domino server running.
See Dennis Clarke: Moving from "It should work" to "It just works" > via James Governor

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