Todd Wanke needs a little education in public spin...On the MS "Tools for Moving to a Microsoft Collaboration Platform" blog this morning, he tries to claim victory over an IBM technote.

The technote in question discusses how the Microsoft Exchange connector for Lotus Notes is supported.  As it is a Microsoft product, the technote clearly explains

IBM is not responsible for supporting this product as it was not developed by IBM Lotus®.
Why would anyone have an issue with that?
Todd writes: Reality check:
"IBMs decision to pull support for their customers is unfortunate but we are more than happy to support them." IBM doesn't support third party tools, whether they come from Microsoft or anyone else.  IBM never supported these tools, so support was never "pulled".
"did anyone else notice how the original IBM press release changed? " What press release?  Todd links to a technote on IBM's support website.  Technotes are dynamic -- they change over time as more information about an issue is available.  That's why they have a "last modified" date.  It's not a press release, unlike the one that Microsoft now admits they modified back in January.  BTW it's not even a new technote -- it's been around for years.

Like everything else with the "red bull" project, this is a lot of hot air over nothing.  I wouldn't even have blogged about it, but the comment I left on MS's website three hours ago still hasn't been approved.  David DeWell noticed this also, so he's written on his own site, too.

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