A look forward at the 2006 version of Microsoft Exchange...I always appreciate when they document the current state of affairs in order to explain why the future will be so much better:

Exchange is infamous for its database problems. Anyone who has ever had to migrate all the information using Exmerge because of a database problem knows what I'm taking about. A single corrupt item in Exchange can bring a whole server down. I've seen it happen.
and I didn't know about this little nugget, though I certainly knew how important Global Catalog servers are in an Exchange deployment...
One of the annoying features that remains to this day is the inability of Outlook to determine the appropriate Exchange server for a user. This is a bit silly, seeing that the information is handily available on the nearest global catalog server. The new wizard provided with Outlook XP and 2003 is perhaps more user friendly, but takes more time to configure manually.
Anyway, it sounds like E12 is going to have some new features, but that E12 will look a lot like Exchange 2000, only without those annoying collaboration bits (you know, instant messaging, conferencing, workflow, etc.), without active/active clustering, without the promised SQL database...

Link: msexchange.org: Overview of E12 features >  (Thanks, Ports)

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