This is an unfortunate new vector for spammers...

Calendar spam arrives like any other spam -- as an unwanted e-mail. But here's the problem: it also shows up as a meeting. That means the time specified on the spam will be blocked off on your online calendar, triggering an annoying reminder at the appointed hour. If you're a spammer, that's a major upgrade over your usual silent forays into consumers' junk mail folders.

Making matters worse, ignoring calendar spam doesn't make it go away. Because of the way Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars work, unanswered calendar spam will usually shove its way onto your calendar.  ...

While the technique first appeared about a year ago, it didn't become commonplace until a couple of weeks ago. Now, in the words of Message Labs researcher Alex Shipp, "We are seeing these by the truck load."

That means if you haven't seen them yet, you will.
Neither the article nor the comments take on the technical root cause here, the iCalendar approach to sending calendar invitations etc.  In Notes 7, you'd receive something like this like any other calendar invite.  In Notes 8, it would show as a "ghosted" calendar entry, but it would emphatically not block off your calendar or trigger a reminder.

Anyone seeing this yet?


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