[Dons flame-retardant suit]

I bought an iMac two years ago (almost to the day) for home use....mainly so that my daughter would have a computer in the house, but also to take advantage of all the multi-media things that make a Mac great.  For the most part, I've been satisfied with the iMac, and as some know, it has a high-profile location in the house and is used daily.

But today I've just lost it.  I'm so tired of hearing "it just works" about the Mac.  There are a lot of things that don't "just work" about my Mac.  It turns out that I am still running iLife '05 -- I could have sworn it was iLife '06, given when I bought it.  Or that I should have received the iLife '06 upgrade (since it was released eight weeks after my purchase)...not sure why that didn't happen.  Still, it should "just work", right?

  • Why is it that if I want to buy a song in iTunes and edit it in Garage Band, I have to go through the ridiculous step of burning the song to a CD and importing it into Garage Band?
  • Why is it that I cannot record a live video in iMovie using the built-in iMac camera?  It has support for various external cameras attached via firewire...but not for the one that is part of the computer itself.  (The iChat AV and Photo Booth apps both support that camera no problem).  Working with Bruce, we've determined that this is supported in iLife '08, but that means upgrading.
  • Why is it that to upgrade to iLife '08, I need to go buy a box of software, instead of downloading?
  • Why is it that any time I use the mouse's "nipple" to scroll up and down on a browser page in Firefox, it seems to always also go back a page?  That little ball is almost useless, and I'd like to use it.
  • Why can't I figure out how to easily uninstall an application?  
  • Why did I have to read/search to find out that DMG files are the package for delivering apps but are not the way to run apps themselves?

There may well be simple answers to all of these, but I've got my end-user hat on here, and I can't figure this stuff out.  My wife and daughter certainly aren't going to.  

The good news is that my daughter's school class has just started a "technology" lesson every week.  And they do it -- on a Mac.  This is why I bought a Mac.  And why I intend to work through these things and try to be happy. :-)

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