Since I've been demonstrating the concept of composite applications (aka mashups) on the Notes 8 client for well over a year, it's nice to finally be using one in production.

Image:My first use of a Notes 8 composite application

This is the Lotusphere 2008 session management application.  It's all based on a couple of NSFs, but those NSFs have been fed by the web application y'all are using to propose Lotusphere sessions.  Clicking on a document in the top frame directs the other two to display different information from the document within -- as opposed to having one long-running Notes document running down the page.

What's super-interesting about this is that it is the same conference session management database that we have been using for many years, with a new, more useful UI built atop it.  I suspect there are other new capabilities as a result of the composite -- the drop-down at the top to "select a conference" hints at applicability to other future events.

Cool stuff -- now it's time to dig into the abstracts already submitted...with three days to go...

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