A very good afternoon/evening here in Las Vegas.  The inaugural Vegas user group meeting was successful, with partners and customers from near and far.  My colleagues David Stephens and Rick Sizemore were in attendance, too.  I thought the discussion was quite useful, with a lot of good questions about what's coming in Domino 7, how Activity Explorer works, what the "Hannover" plan for Notes beyond 7 looks like.

After the meeting, we gathered at the Nine Fine Irishmen pub in the New York New York hotel.  There we were joined by Declan and Terri, holidaying in Vegas in fine style, and also by my colleague Kim Artlip and his wife Robin.  Kim and I are share sales leader duties for the Lotus messaging business, and he's normally based in Tampa, Florida.  He happens to be out west, and as I've had occasion to say frequently in the last few days, is also demonstrating the effectiveness of IBM's mobile employee aproach.  He completed his work day in Salt Lake City today, then drove his RV here to Vegas to meet us for dinner.  Tomorrow, he'll work from an IBM office or Starbucks or whatever here.  It hadn't even dawned on me that he was "in the area"... he read my blog entry about the user group meeting and made a spontaneous decision.  Nice.  I'll bet our boss doesn't even realize we're out here...shhhh.... ;)

As for luck, when I was here in January, I was having just silly luck during an evening I was out with Brian Benz. Not big numbers, but it was a night I seemed unable to lose.  So, as Brian and I passed the nickel slots in New York New York on the way to the pub, I had to tempt fate....and came up a winner!

Image:My luck in Vegas continues...

I know, don't spend it all in one place.

I'm on a vacation day tomorrow/Monday/Tuesday and some of the following week as well.  Blogging may be slightly less frequent...we'll see...

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