Yesterday, my new IBM role as Director of Market Management - IBM Mobile Enterprise was announced internally, effective immediately. In this role, I will be responsible for some of the marketing activities for IBM's enterprise mobile initiative, which spans a huge breadth and depth of products and services -- the strongest mobile story in the entire industry. You know some of the products today as IBM Worklight, Endpoint Manager, and of course, Notes Traveler. As part of a great group of professionals, my mission is to expand the ecosystem around these IBM mobile solutions, both from a build/install/deploy perspective as well as through adoption and utilization by ISVs, partners, and of course IBM clients.

I will have much more to say about my new role in the coming weeks, and the run up to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is a very exciting event, and I'm going to be busy getting involved in all the activity leading up to a significant set of IBM announcements there. I am hopeful that, given how close mobile is to the collaboration space, most of you will come along for the ride. This blog will still represent my personal voice, though obviously with a new daily flavor. I think you'll like it.

Meanwhile, today I'm taking the last moment I can to look back upon a nearly two-decade career built upon IBM and Lotus software.

Through my book and many retrospective posts on, my history has been told. I came to Lotus in 1994 as a wide-eyed, completely inexperienced sales engineer, thanks to a fellow Chicagoan and friend named Jon Raslawski. I had been Jon's customer for two years, running Lotus cc:Mail and a nascent implementation of Notes in a fast-growing IT environment. I thought I would try the vendor side for a couple of years and then do something else. Instead, through jobs in product management, marketing, strategy, competitive intelligence, sales, and back to product management, I've made a home here for nearly 19 years.

You all have been the foundation of that success. As customers, partners, press, analysts, and even competitors, you made our work together a human endeavor. Real people, with real-world situations, came across my desk every single day as new challenges. Your invitations to meetings and events across the globe expanded my personal horizons, developed into friendships, and lead me to many dreams. Sure, there have been challenging days, dark moments or unexpected obstacles. Yet the essential spirit of community usually was the ingredient that set things back on a great course. There were also exceptionally wonderful days, wins over adversity, surprise friendships, and raw emotions. Our partnership in turn made me want to do everything possible to help us all collectively continue to win in the market.

It has been an honor to serve all of you over these last many years. With IBM Notes/Domino 9 shipping in just a couple of months, this product line and marketplace are on a path towards even greater impact and benefit for all of you.

I won't be going far - I'm still expecting to see you all at conferences and events. You will also see Scott Souder from my old team start to participate more online, as he continues his path to stardom in his existing role as the Notes/iNotes/Connections Mail product manager.

IBM Connect 2013 served to remind me what a special community we have built, and continue to build around IBM Notes and Domino. You all are like family to me, and I will remain a part of the family as I move into the mobile space. I hope you will likewise all take the opportunity to join me on that journey, into one of the most exciting areas of technology across the entire IBM portfolio.

Thank you for everything - the emails, pings, invitations, memorable meals, globetrotting activities, the hugs, the smiles, and the handshakes. Thank you for the authenticity. Most of all, thank you for your support. I hope to earn another round of it as part of my next role.

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