OK, there are times I just simply don't get it, and this morning is one of those times.

Last night, both Bruce and vowe blogged about the fact that IBM has lotusphere.com redirected simply to the ibm.com home page.  In comments on Bruce's site, I basically pulled a "get over it", saying that IBM has too many products, solutions, brands, themes, and events to manage all the inidividual domain names that could be involved.

Well, reading the subsequent comments on both sites, as well as some e-mails... apparently I've had a little too much IBM kool-aid.  While I understand IBM's position on domain management, it appears that it is one that is inconsitently applied.

This is a hard problem overall, and one which different vendors have handled differently.  Microsoft seems to be very good about this, with sharepoint.com going to an appropriate section of their site, and msteched.com being the master domain for their main annual conference.  Other software vendors have varying approaches.  I had some fun looking at some other industries, where PTCruiser.com goes to Chrysler's product page, but Sebring.com goes nowhere.

I don't know that I can influence the ibm.com team to change the lotusphere.com redirect at this time, though I'm going to try.  This discussion happened a few times around Lotusphere 2005 as well.  Perhaps things will be different for Lotusphere 07.

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