Leave it to Nathan to stir things up. :-)

After "Hannover" UI guru Mary Beth Raven's first blog posting, Nathan Freeman opined:

Lotus, please don't lose the plot on this.  You need RADICAL simplification.  And because you can't start stripping features, you need to do the next best thing -- let me as a user or me as an administrator decide what's important for MY ENVIRONMENT.  No two Domino implementations are alike.  Stop browbeating your users with all the incredible things they could be doing, and just let them get on with what they are doing.  You have a great opportunity to leave the competition in the dust here.  You've avoided big moves for long enough -- throw out the baby, the bathwater and the whole darned tub!
To which Mary Beth replied:
If I may summarize, he doesn't want to have to answer questions about each little menu item. He just wants complete control over all menu items. And preferences. I can understand that, and given Lotus Notes' role as an integration platform, it is a reasonable request.

So, we hear ya.
and then goes on to ask some specific questions about possible scenarios or implementations.

These postings are exactly why I wanted the Notes "Hannover" team blogging -- broaden the discussion about what's being planned, and remove some of the mystery in the process.    Some great comments and additional discussion have ensued.  "Hannover" will be a better product for all this outside input....though I don't envy Mary Beth and the team for having to sort through inputs from 15 years of feature requests, usability lab testing, focus groups, software design reviews, product managers, and even the occasional opinionated worldwide sales leader.  I know we've got the best and the brightest working on "Hannover" -- and we'll see more of their work in the coming weeks.

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