Last Friday morning, Bob Picciano -- general manager of the IBM Lotus division -- hosted a Q&A with community bloggers to discuss the new "Smarter Work" initiative that has started in line with IBM's overall Smarter Planet messages.  The call was very timely, coming after Bob's keynote at RIM's WES conference, the IBM IMPACT conference, and just before SAP's SAPphire and the German user group DNUG conferences.  There is a lot of activity going on right now, and it's going to be a very busy week this week.  I chatted with Bob after the call and he really found it worthwhile to take 30 minutes to check in with the approximately two dozen bloggers on the call.

Nathan Freeman has transcribed a fair bit of the call in a blog post.  Themes from the call: Linux desktops, Lotus marketing, cloud vs. premise, and integration.  I can also confirm the background behind Nathan's "ego" comment at the bottom...I worked with Bob and others within the Lotus brand team in the last few weeks specifically assembling quotes from bloggers andcomments on my own blog.  They've gone to the very highest levels (VERY highest levels) within IBM as evidence of how the Lotus brand is different from the rest of IBM...needing to reach end users in a way that isn't as important for other parts of our business.

Link: Nathan Freeman: Bob Picciano on IBM Lotus Smarter Work >

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