As the Lotusphere dust finally starts to settle, it's time to focus on the remaining eleven months of the year.  A project that came to me just before the conference bubbled back up to the top of the stack yesterday, and it's one that is intriguing enough to share with the blogging community.  It's early days, and no formal partnership commitments have been made yet, but I'm pretty confident that this is a project going places.

Nathan Freeman describes the project on his blog:

A couple of weeks ago, my company, eMD Medical Community, met with Dr. Kgosi Letlape, the chairman of the South African Medical Association about a joint project with the Tshepang Trust to put together a clinical tracking and medical training network for HIV/AIDS here in South Africa....

When we reach our objective to deploy throughout sub-saharan Africa, we'll have the largest clinical track of HIV cases on the planet.  We'll also be providing collaborative training, support and community to thousands of rural doctors.  The medical analysis that will be possible out of this will be staggering, and should enable drastic improvements in the care of millions of patients.

Those of you who know me personally know that I'm not particularly prone to altruistic behavior, but this opportunity is simply too huge to pass up.  We are literally trying to save a continent.
In just a few short minutes of collaboration this morning, three IBM executives are already lending support to the effort.  At a moment in time when a humanitarian project could be just what the doctor ordered for me personally, I'm excitedly anxious to see what happens with this one.  Stay tuned.

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