Judging by the number of times I've been e-mailed, pinged, and Tweeted about this, Nathan and Jimmy have gotten a fair bit of attention to their Bones.  Bones, you say?  Check this out:

As Nathan explains, this is a Notes 8 composite application, and what a wow! application it is:

It's inside a Notes client, but you don't see much of the Notes interface because we're hiding it.  There's some plugin.xml tuning you can do to mask certain pieces of Notes if you're properly motivated.

No, I'm not kidding.  It really is a Notes client.  That's a composite app called "smoke.nsf."  ("Smoke" as in smoke-test, not smoke and mirrors.)

We're using the Eclipse SWT controls almost exclusively.  Most of the Expeditor APIs weren't discoverable enough for us to use.  JFace wasn't helpful because those are all native OS controls, and we specifically need controls that have nothing to do with the underlying OS.  Even a lot of SWT wasn't adequate for us to do what we needed.  Later revisions than the one in the video (yes, there are later builds) don't even use the standard text rendering.  I wrote an elaborate approach to rendering anti-aliased text against a gradient background in Eclipse.
Industry-specific solutions are a great way to get attention.  One of my upline execs was sending around this YouTube link all day long, to people in IBM's healthcare industry unit.  I'd love to hear about more such industry-focused Notes solutions in the market.

Link: Nathan Freeman: Cats, bags, and YouTube >

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