ND8 progress

June 27 2007

It seems like an hour can't go by without someone asking me, when are Lotus Notes and Domino 8 going to ship?  Perhaps because of the release of Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections, perhaps because we're coming up on the mid-point of 2007, perhaps because people are simply excited...the question pops up on my screen a lot these days.

Things are looking good and keeping to the internal schedule.  Still, I can't answer for you yet.  Sorry.
Image:ND8 progress

But here are two clues for the moment.

1) The Notes/Domino 8 launch event is scheduled for September 18, 2007.  It will be part of a series of "Lotus Collaboration Summit" events around the world in the second half of this year.  The Lotus Collaboration Summit events start out online on lotus.com/lctyonline, now.  There will be many regional launch events for ND8, such as the German event I mentioned last week.

2) I downloaded a new Notes 8 build today.  It's going into virgin territory -- I've just updated to a new Thinkpad T60 (has it been three years for my T41p already?  Why, yes it has!), and this will be the first build I install on that machine.  So what makes today's download special?  It is the first build being considered as a go/no-go for release, which makes it a "release candidate" of sorts.

As you know, IBM has focused a lot of effort in the recent Notes/Domino releases to shipping a high-quality product.  Publishing an arbitrary date doesn't help any of us.  The management team, development leaders, QE staff, and all the other project contributors know we only get one chance to get this right.  So hang tight, we're just-about there.

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