It's interesting to see this article, since when Cisco first acquired PostPath, their whole stated angle was that it was a drop-in replacement for Outlook.  Perhaps they've found, as we did, that the reality of doing that isn't quite as simple as it sounds, and that also, Outlook's power is waning as consumers have moved to web-based mail with more and more corporate users doing the same (especially "email only" users):

Cisco hopes its customers will embrace the WebEx Mail browser client instead of Outlook.  ...

Cisco Inbox, expected to be available at the end of this year, aims to make e-mail easier to organize and more relevant for collaboration. Despite enterprise adoption of corporate and public collaboration tools, e-mail continues to exert a strong gravitational pull in the workplace. Rather than fight e-mail's gravity, or keep it siloed from other collaboration tools, the goal of Cisco Inbox is to make e-mail the control center of a collaboration environment.
That seems odd, given that analysts like Gartner have declared that the future of collaboration is a "collaboration console" where the focus moves away from email as the center of the universe, not towards it.

The article talks about all the competition Cisco has from Microsoft and their hosting providers, but didn't say anything about Google or LotusLive (or Notes/Domino on-premises).  So it's an isolated look at Cisco, who seem to have realized their original game plan isn't going to work.

Link: Network Computing: Cisco Inbox Puts Outlook In Its Crosshairs >

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