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Yesterday's Network World is their 2006 Best Products issue.  An interesting feature is a "Best blogs" article, highlighting bloggers from Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM.  A two-part surprise for me: 1) that my blog has been selected, and 2) finding out about it via Jack and vowe (Note to Network World: Most of the links in this article are broken, so no referrers) Links have been fixed....

What really pleases me about this article is that there is recognition of the wealth of IBMers blogging.  I've got 25 IBMers on my blogroll here... and that's just a fraction of the overall number writing today. The diversity of IBM bloggers matches that of the company -- some are purely personal, some are deeply technical, and some cover the gamut.  Since publishing IBM's blogging guidelines in May of '05, the number of IBMers blogging has increased significantly -- which might be the opposite effect of what you would expect with formal guidelines in place.  What's happened instead is that the guidelines have strongly indicated that IBMers are encouraged to blog -- and that it has tremendously positive results to do so.

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