Network World interviews Tim Kounadis, Director of channels and partners at IBM Lotus, on all the new channel opportunities coming out of Lotusphere, including LotusLive.  The article also features partner and analyst views, such as:

Whether its online or on-premise at its heart its still Lotus, and there will still be a strong channel opportunity said Ytria president Eric Houvenaghel.  ..."Google is nice, lots of hype, but Google is about end users. Microsoft tried to go to the business side, but missed some steps I would say. If you're looking for something durable and strong to handle corporate needs, I think IBM is the way to go."

That's an observation that's echoed by David Tebbutt, an analyst with Freeform Dynamics in New Milton, England. Tebutt said one area where IBM has a leg-up on its competitors in this space, particularly the pure-play SaaS vendors, is its corporate reputation for longevity, stability, and security.

"If Google says we've got these social apps and they're secure, people will ask, do we really trust these guys with our business, are they really secure?" said Tebbutt. "However, if IBM says they do then for most people it's a given, you feel a lot safer with them."
Link: Network World: Identifying IBM Lotus channel opportunities >

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