Hundreds of IBMers will forgive the fact that I'll be making a last-minute addition to one of my internal presentations today.  Now class, let's review:

In May 2004, Microsoft said it would ship Edge Services in early 2005, but in November 2004, the company hinted that the date was in doubt. In late December, Microsoft confirmed that Edge Services would not ship as a separate product, and that some of its features would be integrated into Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2, due in the second half of this year, and the next release of Exchange. A ship date for the next version of Exchange has not been announced. Last year Microsoft removed the long-awaited Kodiak release from its road map.
The article goes on to drop broad hints that a new version of Exchange Server will ship in 2006, and that this change is no big deal, since, "In its current form, Edge Services was not going to meet the needs of customers."  Don't disagree there...
Link: Network World: Microsoft scrubs security component for Exchange >
(Via Jack Dausman)

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