Could it be that it has been a whole year since I posted anything about my competition in Redmond? I guess I hadn't really consciously realized that I had moved away from the competitive battle here on the blog, but there has been so much going on at IBM that there hasn't been a need to distract with the competition's weak points.

However, I couldn't pass this up in yesterday's Network World:

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, posting a service pack with a number of new features and bug fixes, the company announced Monday. ...
The new service pack will require organizations to update their Active Directory schemas, which the company has admitted, can be a time-consuming process.

Good old Microsoft, never can miss an opportunity for a rip-and-replace, even in something as small as a service pack. Glad to see nothing has changed in a year.

Link: Network World: Microsoft updates Exchange 2010 >

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