I don't know which product it was, but I'm pretty sure I can guess which product it wasn't...

"I just looked through my calendar to see when I last had an unscheduled e-mail system outage. It was on Aug. 10, 2002.  ...

"I remember this incident well because that was the only unscheduled e-mail system outage ever!!!! I'm sure customers of other e-mail systems don't have that kind of reliability and stability."

Two questions: a) what e-mail system do you think this is and b) has anyone else ever had their e-mail system operate for more than five years without a downtime incident?
I know Mr. Buchan has some good stories in this realm, and I see Gavin Bollard has left a comment at Network World already.  Anyone else?

Link: Network World: One company's experience with downtime >

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