Also extensively covered on the blogs and Twitter...official press release is not on the wire yet this morning, but I will post a new entry when it is:

IBM/Lotus for the first time ever will provide users of the iPhone and other mobile devices that support ActiveSync with real-time access to their email, calendars and contacts.

The company plans to announce on Wednesday that it will add support for Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol, which will enable instant over-the-air email delivery to Apple's iPhone 2.0 mail client and other handsets that support the protocol.

The ActiveSync technology will be added later this year to Lotus Notes Traveler, which provides real-time replication between mobile devices and Notes. ...

The ActiveSync support was demonstrated on the iPhone during a session Monday at IBM's annual Lotusphere conference.  Presenter Ed Brill, director of product management for Lotus Software, would only say the company "plans to support ActiveSync in a future version of Lotus Notes Traveler."
We demonstrated and are announcing a plan for ActiveSync support.  It happened to be demonstrated with an iPhone.  As for beta and release, all I can say is, "stay tuned".

Link: Network World: Real-time access to Notes coming to iPhone, other devices >

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