It's almost like yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre...

Why so many of us use Yahoo, Microsoft, Google or other freebie mail programs when on the road is no great mystery. Enterprise-orientated services such as Lotus Domino/Notes, and to a lesser extent Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, have become unwieldy beasts that tie us into collaboration systems and workflows that we don't need. They accrue policies that demand users know the vagaries, or at least follow the business policies, of deep security procedures.

By contrast, consumer e-mail services are sleek, fast, safe and offer high availability levels and ubiquitous access.
The author, Martin Veitch, appears to be the executive editor of UK publication IT Week.  Why Network World would pick up this little blurb without any indication of it being an opinion or blog piece, I'm not sure.  My opinion certainly doesn't match his -- how horrible is it that corporations want to secure their information?  How inhibiting this whole "work" thing is!

Link: Network World: Why freemail beats business e-mail >

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