A provocative headline -- but a great article, with another analyst confirming Lotus's position back on offense...

The key message that I drew from Lotusphere is that Lotus really does seem to be getting some significant traction in the market. There is a mindset among many in the messaging and collaboration industry that Lotus is slowly bleeding customers and will continue to lose market share to its rivals.

However, Lotus' numbers are impressive: the company saw more than 30% growth in the sales of Notes licenses during the fourth quarter of 2006 and sold more than 1 million Sametime seats in just the four-month period since Sametime 7.5 started shipping.

Lotus has cleaned up, tightened and strengthened its messaging story substantially. ...

Our own research shows that Sametime is the dominant choice among organizations that have formalized a standard instant messaging platform. Plus, if mere attendance at an event is any indication, the larger numbers for Lotusphere this year compared to attendance just a few years ago is a positive sign for the company.
Link: Network World/Michael Osterman: Is Lotus slowly bleeding customers? >

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