On my vacation day after the Las Vegas Notes User Group, Brian Benz played tour guide and took me to Hoover Dam, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and the Valley of Fire.  We wrapped up the day with Brian's wife Yvette joining forThai food at Lotus of Siam (seriously), followed by dessert and a walk through the Bellagio.  An excellent day overall.  Thanks, Brian!  I've posted my Nevada photos online, as has Brian.

From one journey to another... I'm leaving for Ireland in just a few hours.  Monday through Wednesday are vacation days, and I'll be travelling in the west of Ireland (Galway and environs) for most of that.  Thursday and Friday are business days in Dublin, with Friday afternoon featuring 65+ people already registered for the inaugural Irish Lotus User Group meeting.  I expect some of that crowd will join the subsequent "geekdinner".  Note: non-geeks are welcome, too -- I'm travelling with a non-geek, so if necessary we can segregate by geek factor.

I'll be blogging a bit during the week, so stay tuned. Sláinte!

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