New blog design

September 8 2009

This morning, Steve Castledine kindly updated my blog to the latest version of the Domino blogging template, and the design to something more modern than the out of the box Typepad UI we have been using since 2003 on this blog.  Thank you to Steve and much appreciation.

There are still a few cosmetic things to get right -- I think more whitespace between entries, a way to draw out the comments link, some reordering on the right side, and oh yes, a different font for the masthead.  Still I think the move to a san-serif font should increase readability, and freshen things up for first-time visitors.

In part, the timing is motivated by something entirely off-blog -- I have essentially started writing a weekly column in the local newspaper/online microsite.  The Chicago Tribune started publishing hyper-local sites for Chicago suburbs several months ago under the name TribLocal; there is one for Highland Park, where I live.  I have been writing a weekly "brilliant flashes" column about my community and the surrounding area for the last several months.  While it doesn't get many hits online, the print edition goes inside local copies of the Tribune on Thursdays.  It has been a lot of fun to discuss, muse, revisit, and reminisce about the town where I have lived for most of my life.  There is even a small bit of a different kind of celebrity to it -- the last time I called my dentist's office, they expressed that the whole office are fans of my "blog".  Since TribLocal publishes my address in every printed column, a few of my friends and neighbors have started dropping by here.  I don't run the same content in both places -- well, I did with the flying lesson, but it was a first -- so I want those who are reading me in TribLocal to find their way easily if they happen to then stop by

At any rate, as we'll be shaking out a few minor things today, please feel free to leave comments on the new design.  Steve promises to republish his article on how to take standard WordPress blog templates and apply them to the Domino blogging template, which is what we did here.  For me it was easy -- just like picking out curtains -- but Steve will be able to explain what was required behind the scenes.  Thanks again, Steve!

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