In October, IBM announced that licensing for Lotus Notes/Domino would be changing.  We announced a client access license model for Domino, replacing various software licensing schemes for Lotus Notes, iNotes, Domino Designer, and Notes Traveler.  The two client access licenses defined are the Domino Messaging CAL and the Domino Enterprise CAL.  Domino Designer became a free/entitled product -- free to download and test, entitled in the Domino CAL to connect to Domino.  Lotus Mobile Connect's client became entitled in the Enterprise CAL.  Otherwise, the Enterprise CAL pretty much mapped up to the old "...for Collaboration" Notes and iNotes licenses, and the Messaging CAL lined up with the old "...for Messaging" ones.

Today, the Notes and iNotes software part numbers disappear from IBM Passport Advantage.  Your entitlements should have been converted; your renewal invoices (except those due in the remaining weeks of February) should reflect the CAL model only.  And gloriously, a whole bunch of confusion has disappeared from the IBM software price book. :-)

There is no change (other than the Mobile Connect entitlement) to the Lotus Communications CEO bundle; there is no change as of today to the Domino Express offerings; and the Domino Utility Server continues in its same form.

The impact of this change so far has been positive.  We've seen tens of thousands of free Domino Designer 8.5.1 downloads, customers have adopted Lotus Mobile Connect, and a good portion of our Q4 2009 business came in using the simplified CALs (even though the Notes/iNotes licenses were still available).  We've also shed the burden of having to track/manage/decide on Notes vs. iNotes; the CAL model looks to a future of seamless movement between client types and access methods.  I'm sure there will still be some confusion as 2010 renewal invoices are generated, but it is a one-time change that has lots of net positives as a result.

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