Here's a small association getting huge benefits out of Domino, especially as compared to their old Exchange system:

"Microsoft Exchange was unstable and inflexible," says Craig Haarmeyer, information services specialist at CCPOA. "And because it is proprietary and platform-dependent, we were limited in terms of accessibility and integration."

In fact, the Microsoft Exchange server was so unstable that it began to pose a significant drain on productivity and morale. "I never got any sleep," explains Haarmeyer. "I'd be in bed or taking my kids to school and my phone would ring--I would have to walk somebody through the procedure of restarting the server. It was ridiculous. It got to the point where we would just cross our fingers and reboot."
Domino to the rescue...
"Our users are delighted at how much more powerful the Lotus software is compared to what we were using before," says Haarmeyer ..."By delivering the right message to the right people at the right location, we can better serve our members," says Haarmeyer. ...

Not only has it increased uptime and reduced service calls, lowering the total cost of ownership of the system, it has also allowed Haarmeyer to rest easier. "The system has gone down only twice in the past two years," he says, "and both times were due to power failure. I can finally sleep at night!"
Now that is a case study.  Plus, it's Domino on Linux, so they've moved away from MS on more than one dependency.

Link: IBM helps peace officers' association improve communication and collaboration >

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