A recent Gartner report on the IBM roadmap for Notes and Domino is now available on ibm.com.

YES, we put a short opt-in "lead capture" system in front of it. If you already have an IBM ID and the cookie can be detected, it's all of two questions. Otherwise, we want to know who you are. Why? Because this is how we come up with new potential customers to sell to. I know many of you complain about this but our internal metrics show that leads from Notes/Domino products directly contribute to a significant percentage of Notes/Domino sales, far greater than is typical for other IBM software. Help me help all of us.

The report is pretty cool. Gartner's Matt Cain writes:

The evolution of Notes and Domino highlights the broader shift in the collaboration market toward a blending of traditional collaboration services with newer social constructs and business applications – all accessible via mobiles, browsers and rich clients. ...  IBM’s approach is in contrast to Microsoft’s strategy, which may seem characterized as more monolithic and less open to the rapidly changing dynamics in the collaboration market.
I don't want to give away the rest, but will tell you that it's worthwhile reading.

Link: ibm.com: Gartner report - A Glimpse Into IBM’s Collaboration Future >

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