Remember how IBM issued blogging guidelines back in May?  It seems to be having the intended effect, with tons of new IBM bloggers in the last few weeks.  I've added several to my blogroll - IBMers:

  • Bob Sutor: Vice President of standards and open source.  Bob is writing a lot lately about the Massachusetts decision around OpenDoc Format, but also about some personal stuff and travel, too.
  • Jean-Francois Arseneault: he's an IT specialist with the WebSphere brand and a Canadian.  (ITS is role most similar to the Lotus SE job I had when I first joined eleven years ago).  He's been blogging for a while, not sure why it just recently hit my radar.
  • Carol Jones works in the CTO's office for Workplace/Portal/Lotus.  She and I have been talking about blogging the last few days, and only through that conversation did I discover that she's been blogging herself.  
  • Luis Suarez:  Luis works on knowledge management initiatives within IBM.  He defines our mobile workforce, as his corporate directory listing says he's based in the Netherlands yet he actually lives/works on Grand Canary Island.  Suarez is one of IBM's most prolific intranet bloggers, and isn't afraid to tackle tough or controversial topics.
  • Elias Torres has recently compiled a good list of all IBM internet bloggers.  Torres is (one of?) the primary contributors to the intranet blogging effort at IBM.
  • John Simonds: John is in Software Group analyst relations.  He's been interviewing several IBMers on his blog, and today, he's blogged an interview with me.  John asked some really good questions, and I think the most interesting is that he asked some about issues and challenges working at IBM.  Check it out.
I think I've previously introduced you to the other IBMers on my blogroll:  Darren Adams, Kathleen McGivney, Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah, Ports, Susan Bulloch, Sim' and Matt, and Rocky Oliver all are Loti, Mike Smith is in Tivoli, Catherine Helzerman is in systems group analyst relations, Alan Lepofsky is in software group but writes about Lotus, Michael O'Connell is in software group, and Ian McNairn is an amazing photographer (oh, and he works in e-business transformation).

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