The IBM developerWorks Lotus team has launched phase II of their online wiki efforts in the developerWorks Lotus forums and community section.  Eight Lotus-related wikis are now up and running:

IBM Composite Applications wiki
Find and share technical articles, samples, and best practices. These resources are intended to help users get started creating composite applications using Lotus Domino Designer, Lotus Expeditor, Eclipse, or WebSphere Portal. Requires a developerWorks/IBM ID to participate.
  • Lotus Connections Deployment wiki
    Find Lotus Connections deployment scenarios from IBM and share your deployment experiences with a community of other users. Requires a developerWorks/IBM ID to participate.
  • Lotus Notes/Domino wiki
    Find Lotus Notes and Domino configuration, application development, best practices, and more on the Lotus Domino wiki. Contribute to the wiki by sharing your experiences with the community. No registration required.
  • Lotus Domino Web Application Development wiki
    Find and share best practices for developing Web applications for Lotus Domino and Notes, including understanding Domino design elements, building Web applications, extending rich client applications, server configuration, and developer tools and resources.
  • Lotus Quickr wiki
    Share your deployment configurations and topologies in the Lotus Quickr Best Practices wiki. Requires a developerWorks/IBM ID to participate.
  • Lotus Sametime wiki
    Find information and comment on Lotus Sametime deployments, scenarios, cool features, hints, and tips. Requires a developerWorks/IBM ID to participate.
  • WebSphere Portlet Factory wiki
    Find and contribute information about the best ways to use WebSphere Portlet Factory, including common development and application deployment scenarios, samples, techniques, and troubleshooting information.
  • Lotus Web Content Management wiki
    Find and share best practices for using Lotus Web Content Management, including a sample deployment scenario, authoring information, and tips and tricks for deployment, performance, and content migration.
There is also an incentive/reward piece of the equation, where US residents (yes, I know) can win a $25 gift card for participation.
All of the wikis are Domino-based, so IBM authors can directly access the databases via Notes client (and will be identified as IBMers).  The Lotus Info 2.0 team is looking forward to your feedback...I can assure you they are reading :-)

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