New Lotus Protector 2.8

August 22 2011

While I was on vacation last week, IBM announced a new version of Lotus Protector for Mail Security, version 2.8.

The new version features enhancements in a few areas. I asked Sean Brown, the product manager for Lotus Protector, to give me a few hints on the release. Sean wrote:

The release is focused around seamless integration into our customers existing social business infrastructure (Microsoft and Lotus), minimizing operational support tasks and simplifying security solutions for end-users.  I.E. Traditional security products break the way users work, Protector helps them work better and more securely.  The common example I use, a traditional DLP solution will stop a user from sending credit card numbers in email.  Protector sees the same credit card number, but knows that the sender is in Finance, the recipient is the companies Bank and knows to encrypt the email before it leaves the local domain.  And the beauty is that the user didn't have to learn anything new, they simply created an email and sent it.

Real-time content inspection for social business - Detect uploaded viruses to Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal 8.5.1 and IBM Connections 3.0.1 in real-time, delivering instant protection and feedback to collaboration users, and minimizing lost productivity from viruses.

Data Loss Protection - Integrated content extraction filters, designed to not only look within an email but also deep inside common office documents such as spreadsheets and presentations for confidential or proprietary information.
This release even more clearly establishes that Lotus Protector is a solution not just for Lotus Domino but for a variety of other collaborative back-ends, even including Microsoft Exchange customers.

The new release also introduces a new licensing model. In response to market feedback, we are offering two additional alternatives to licensing Lotus Protector for Mail Security -- fixed-term license and processor value unit-based pricing. I know many of you dislike PVU pricing, but it will likely be less expensive for Protector than per-user pricing. Fixed-term also introduces some flexibility to establish a more-predictable annual cost rather than a larger upfront license purchase followed by lower subscription costs. We retained the per-user licensing model as well.

Congratulations to the team on this new release!

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