As Alan picked up last week, and a few bloggers have commented on...the Notes and Domino product pages on have been redesigned.

Image:New Notes and Domino web pages

One of the attitude adjustments I really like about the new pages is that it starts to rid us of the artificial distinction between talking about Notes and talking about Domino.  Before this redesign, looking at the product pages would often have made one think that the two products were just two in a product catalog...the tie between (and real power of) Notes and Domino was indistinct from other IBM products.  There is also the box right in the middle that highlights messages for specific audiences: end-users, a business focus, and for IT managers.  

You'll also find updated product pages for some of the individual aspects of the Notes/Domino family, including a client family page and a Domino Web Access updated page.  

I'm also happy to see the start of a major set of work around messages for application developers -- specifically for Notes/Domino.

Image:New Notes and Domino web pages

This is an area where the marketing content will definitely ramp up during the second half of the year, especially as the 8.5 release comes to market.

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