This one tweeted out of the bag last night, and while we are still staging a few pages here and there, it's at least live enough to talk about.

The team approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in adding a more personal connection on the product pages of the various Lotus products covered by my team.  Specifically, they proposed a way for visitors to find out about my blog and other social tools.  The idea is that IBM experts, who are already participating in social networking sites, are good contacts for customers to have to get closer to IBM on these products and solutions.  Customers find out about more ways to connect into the community around the products they use or are interested in, and IBM gets more connected to those customers or prospects.

The new "Your IBM Expert" box has been added to the features and benefits page on Alloy by IBM and SAP: - meet your expert

Clicking on the "options to connect" pops up a box with more information about the expert, including links to their blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, or other similar sites.  There's also a place for the expert to recommend additional websites.  For my product pages -- Notes and Alloy feature pages initially -- I chose to share my blog, Twitter, and Slideshare pages.  I also recommended checking out as a way to connect to the entire Lotus community.  Clicking on any of the links brings up the standard IBM disclaimer that you are being redirected off, but one more click and you arrive at your destination.

I'm the pilot IBMer for this program...assuming success, we'll get more IBM experts on more product pages.  I am very excited about the prospect of bringing more Notes customers and prospects into the online community, and increasing their awareness of resources available to help them succeed with these products.  Your feedback appreciated (already saw the link and comment on benpoole), since the team is breaking new ground to make this happen.  I also want to extend my public congratulations and thanks to that team -- Linda, JD, Karyn, Marcel and anyone else that I've missed.  Very impressed with your creativity and commitment!

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