Saw a couple of exciting announcements last week from IBM partners about tools to help manage Lotus Notes Traveler on iOS devices...

First up was René Winklemeyer's announcement of iOS.Profiler, a pure Lotus Domino-based mobile device management solution. Many customers have been asking about ways to better manage mobile devices in conjunction with Traveler, often trying to gap-fill versus what they have traditionally used with other smartphone devices. iOS.Profiler offers over-the-air setup, configuration, remote management, inventory, and certificate management. Pretty cool and a bonus that it integrates with your existing Domino infrastructure.

The other was Extracomm's announcement of an Out of Office app for iPhone. Looks like you need to install a small component on the Domino/Traveler server to go along with the iPhone app, but it seems like it is pretty low overhead. Very generous for them to build this and give it away.

The mobile space is definitely moving fast! These are some cool enhancements to improve use of Notes Traveler in your environment.

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