New Plazes badge

August 9 2006

The Plazes team contacted me this morning about their new-and-improved embedded site badge.  The Plazes website provides the wizard for building your own customized badge, and it only took me a few minutes to set it up.  I simply cut and paste the code from their site into a "block" in the DominoBlog site design, and voila!  The new version is live.  Remember, I'm not an app developer nor UI designer, but the Dominoblog template really makes it easy to make such customizations.  The other day, John Head added some other 'portals' to his site -- check out the OpenNTF and TakingNotes blocks on's lefthand column.

Thanks to the Plazes team for being incredibly repsonsive -- they made a change to the embedded code within minutes based on a query from me.  The new embedded code not only has a click-through to see more detail about the current (or last-seen) location, but also has the ability from a single click to replay past locations.  Very fun.  Chris Miller is all over this, too.

Does anyone else think that the map rendering makes the Great Lakes look like Jessica Rabbit in profile?
Image:New Plazes badge  Image:New Plazes badge

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