In my onetime hobby of amateur radio, hams developed a list of "Q-signals" as shorthand for typical phrases in their morse code communication.  QTH = location, and my new home's location reminds me a little bit of days gone by.  (See my old ham radio club's website for a list of all the morse code "Q-signals")

I've moved into a section of Highland Park that was formerly the Fort Sheridan U.S. Army base.  The Fort operated from 1887 until 1993, shut down as part of the 1980's wave of base closings.  The city, county, and state did some really smart things converting the property to residential, including preservation of many of the buildings and lots of open space.  The resulting community is fairly unique -- living in the middle of history, forest preserve, and the shadow of the famous tower, literally yards away from Lake Michigan.  

My mom was one of the base architects during the 80s until shutdown, and I can remember coming here often as a child -- when it was a guard post, not a meadow, that greeted one upon entering.  My home is in new construction, not anything she worked on, but her knowledge of the history and the area adds a lot more depth to the experience of moving here.

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