Earlier today, it was announced internally at IBM that I have taken on a new role. I am moving into our corporate organization as Vice President, Social Business Transformation. In this position, my team and I are responsible for advancing IBM's maturity as a social business, and continuing the development of a culture of participation.

My predecessor in this role, Bethann Cregg, has left some pretty large shoes to fill. Several programs and tools are in place in IBM today to help our employees reach the right experts, engage more directly with our clients, and convert knowledge into action. IBM is viewed by many as a benchmark for organizational change, presenting an exciting yet challenging opportunity. My goal is to move us ahead quickly on the maturity curve--from social business foundations to an environment where use of social business principles and tools becomes part of the daily fabric of the company, at all levels and job functions.

The last 18 months have been a period of fantastic growth and development as marketing director for IBM MobileFirst. Building IBM's position in the mobile enterprise market from a small collection of products and services into an integrated, market-leading solutions portfolio has been successful for the company, and also personally rewarding. I am eternally grateful to Kristen Lauria for bringing me into the marketing organization and having the confidence that my previous experience would translate into this success. Moving on today is the first time in 20 years at IBM that I feel like I am leaving a job in some ways unfinished -- having just hired the last addition to my team. While we have accomplished much together, there is still more to be done around creating mindshare for IBM, integrated solution portfolios, and developing an ecosystem around IBM's mobile technologies. I am very proud of the team that I am leaving behind, many of them friends as well as colleagues, and hope that they will continue on the road to market dominance.

Though I am just getting started, several aspects of my new role are particularly exciting. Clearly, I am coming back to my roots, in a job that is all about helping people collaborate. My calendar is already filling up with external speaking engagements, opportunities to demonstrate that a social business is about more than canned tweets and having a Facebook page. This is also my first role that has company-wide responsibility within IBM, and I am looking forward to learning more about the various divisions, functions, and geographies I've never encountered before. Many of the people I will be working with in this position have likewise been pioneers or early adopters of social business tools -- some of them coming out of Lotus heritage like me. It is good to have a team with shared ideals and objectives from the start.

Unsurprisingly, I expect to increase activity here on my blog and other social channels. I'm not sure you'll see me donning a yellow sweater, but the uniform seems familiar. I won't be pitching a product or service, but clearly it is important for IBM's own story to continue to surface externally. I expect to be connecting/reconnecting with many of the IBM social thought leaders out here in the open, as well as many of you as clients or partners. I look forward to your participation, and thank you for your support.

One other point to note: Timing is everything. Just a few weeks from now, I will be part of an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team in Tainan, Taiwan. This three week assignment is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a real-world municipal problem as part of a volunteer team of IBM experts. It's going to be a busy summer, and I hope you'll stay tuned in here, on Twitter, the Smarter Cities Challenge blog, and for IBMers on my internal profile and blog as well.

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  1. 1  Bryan Tsunoda  |


    A huge congratulations to you. Given your intelligence, reputation, network and ability to influence others, I can't think of a better person for this role.

    Best wishes to your continued success!


  1. 2  Luis Suarez http://www.elsua.net |

    Hi Ed, my goodness! This piece of news is just *huge*!! Congratulations! I know very very well the team you are just about to move into, since I worked with them closely the last few months before I decided to move on into other adventure(s), and I can tell you it will be quiet a treat for you to be exposed to such a wonderful and delightful group of smart, talented and committed folks. And vice versa, they are all rather lucky to have you leading the way in that team into plenty more awesomeness! Again, what a superb piece of news altogether!

    Big congrats and I am really looking forward to reading further along on how IBM keeps pushing its limits and boundaries around its own Social Business Transformation. The legacy has just currently gotten a huge giant leap of faith and commitment along with plenty of vision to move forward! Excellent news!

  1. 3  Enzo Stanzione http://Www.stanzioneproject.com |

    My best congratulations, Ed.

    I followed you when it was Domino / Notes times, and this is a great news for the contribution you have given in the past and you'll give for the near future of Social Business.

  1. 4  Volker Weber http://vowe.net |


  1. 5  Angela Caruso  |

    Congratulations Ed!

  1. 6  Henry Ferlauto  |

    Congratulations Ed, well done.

  1. 7  Darren http://www.dadams.co.uk |

    Congratulations Ed, I know you'll be a big success - best of luck.

  1. 8  Russell Maher http://xpagetips.com |

    Well, well, hearty congratulations are in order.

    You certainly deserve the new position and the very best of luck to you!

  1. 9  palmi  |

    Congratulations Ed, we expect great things that will come out of this.

  1. 10  Keith Brooks http://www.keithbrooks.com |


    Congrats on the new gig!

  1. 11  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    Thank you @elsua, Keith, Russ, Darren, Henry, Angela, vowe, and Bryan!

  1. 12  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    and Enzo :-)

  1. 13  don bunch  |

    Ed, congrats. This is great news for you, the IBM team and for customers. Well done!

    While I have you... I have a request.. Gamification internal at IBM. What are your thoughts? Can do?


  1. 14  anna  |

    Ed - what a perfect fit for all parties! Congratulations. Enjoy and will keep watching and cheering.

  1. 15  Steve Mullen  |

    Hearty congratulations Ed. Sounds exciting ...

  1. 16  Eric Mack http://www.EricMackOnline.com |

    Congratulations, Ed. Looking forward to big transformation under your leadership.

    Best of success to you.


  1. 17  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @don - as I tweeted back to you, hit me up on w3-connections and let's talk. We've tried some things in the past, not sure what the current thinking is yet (since it's only day one :-)).

    @Anna, Steve, Eric - thank you !

  1. 18  Stuart McIntyre http://stuart-mcintyre.com |

    Congrats Ed, seems the perfect role to make the most of your talents and experience. Excellent!

  1. 19  Ralf M Petter http://www.everythingaboutit.eu |

    Congratulations, Ed. Looking forward to new very interesting posts to get some insight how IBM is transforming to a social business company.

    Thanks for blogging


  1. 20  Serdar Basegmez http://lotusnotus.com/en |

    Congratulations Ed! That's a great job and IBM appointed the best name for this position!

  1. 21  Sean House  |

    As one of the members of your new team, I am looking forward to the continuation of this journey. Welcome aboard, boss!

  1. 22  Tim Bennett  |

    Congratulations Ed on the new role, sounds like exciting times ahead.

  1. 23  paul mooney http://www.pmooney.net |

    Great news for you Ed - congrats

  1. 24  Mick Moignard  |


    Congrats: sounds great for you and for IBM. I'm sure you'll enjoy it hugely. Well done!


  1. 25  Mick Moignard  |


    Congrats: sounds great for you and for IBM. I'm sure you'll enjoy it hugely. Well done!


  1. 26  Mat Newman http://www.matnewman.com |

    Awesome news Ed, welcome back to the future where your roots in collaboration are sure to help lead the way forward.

    Congratulations mate. looking forward to seeing the yellow sweater ;-)

  1. 27  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    Stuart, Ralf, Serdar, Paul, Mick, Tim - thank you. Good to hear from everyone.

    Sean - looking forward to our chat today and working with you.

    Mat - no yellow sweater appearances planned but I'll take the comment here and on Facebook in full spirit. Cheers

  1. 28  Wayne Tarken http://www.socialcollaborationcenter.com |

    Ed - best of luck in your new role. I think that a lot of what has been accomplished at IBM is transferable to other organization. Good luck on the speaking circuit

  1. 29  Vitor Pereira  |

    Wow! Congratulations my friend! Quite a challenge you have there. All the best!

  1. 30  John Head http://www.johndavidhead.com |

    Congrats Ed - let's celebrate it soon :)

  1. 31  JP Liggett http://www.NotesExperts.com |

    Congratulations Ed. Your prior efforts have made a huge difference in the Notes World, and its very nice to see your progress into this new 'social' position that's global @ IBM.

  1. 32  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    Wayne, Vitor, John and JP - thank you.

  1. 33  Mehul Patel  |

    Congratulations! Very excited to have you back in the collaboration space and to see the impact you'll make on IBM's transformation. I'm focusing on this as a side project with the local business unit on this front, so very interested to see approaches and changes to see the progression into an innate habit.

  1. 34  Gavin Bollard http://dominogavin.blogspot.com |

    Congratulations Ed.

    I know you did great things in Mobility but I'm very glad to have you back in the collaborative space.

  1. 35  Daniel Silva  |

    Congratulations Ed on the new role! Best wishes!

  1. 36  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    Thanks, Mehul and Daniel!

  1. 37  Chris Byrne http://www.eyeonsportsmedia.com/ |

    Congrats Ed, well deserved! I am curious as to how you see this position, other than being overall "Corporate", as different/same from your old role with the Lotus Software portfolio?

    If you would like to see a grass roots example of how a mother turned a Facebook page into a social "Titan," take a look at "Tripp Hallstead Updates." When he was two years old, a tree limb fell on Tripp's head giving him a TBI. His mother vented her every fear, feeling, and emotion on this page and her following mushroomed like nothing I have ever seen on Facebook, with over 1M followers. This in turn lead to fundraisers all around the globe to help her son. Whether by design or not, she learned the importance of "Social" and how to leverage it:


    Also, if you are going to be in NYC between now and October, NYU is hosting an exhibit called Social in Practice: The Art of Collaboration

  1. 38  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    Palmi, Gavin, Chris - sorry, your comments ended up blocked by aggressive spam filter. Thank you.

  1. 39  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    And Chris, the role is very different - not sales or marketing or product management. Here it's more about organizational change and transformation within IBM.

  1. 40  Nancy Blum  |

    Congratulations Ed. Great news.

  1. 41  Michelle Killebrew http://www.michellekillebrew.com |

    Congratulations, again! I look forward to working more closely with you :)

  1. 42  Bob Cronin  |

    Amazing news. IBM's come a long way since we started the internal fora back in the early '80s. Good luck, Ed!



  1. 43  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @Nancy, Michelle, Bob - thank you!

  1. 44  Michael O’Connell http://about.me/michaeloconnell |

    Well deserved, Ed. You have been a trailblazer with blogs and social business, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I'm glad to have learned a bit from you. Very happy for you and those who'll get to work with you.

  1. 45  John Gurnick https://www.linkedin.com/in/johngurnick |


    I am thrilled for IBM to recognize you for this role. Best of luck and continue to share what you learn and continued success. You've made the #USRoboticsAlumni proud!

    All for the best, John

  1. 46  Carlos  |


    Congratulation on your new role. I have followed you for a very long time and I hope that you bring the same dedication to your new job that you brought to the Lotus Notes, MobileFirst opportunity. IBM needs someone like you to re-invigorate its business. Looking forward to more from you.


  1. 47  Carlos  |


    Congratulation on your new role. I have followed you for a very long time and I hope that you bring the same dedication to your new job that you brought to the Lotus Notes, MobileFirst opportunity. IBM needs someone like you to re-invigorate its business. Looking forward to more from you.


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