A bit later this morning, IBM will issue a press release announcing the availability Lotus Sametime 8, scheduled for Thursday, November 29.

New features in Lotus Sametime Standard 8 include:
- Expanded platform support for Lotus Domino 8 and server support for VMWare environments.
- Extended mobile support including the Nokia E-series, Sony Ericsson, and Windows Mobile 6   devices
- New point to point video capabilities for Macintosh users.
-  Integration with Microsoft Office 2007
You can find out more about the Sametime 8 product family by visiting ibm.com: Sametime - Get the buzz >  I'll update this post later today with links to the press release and other IBM bloggers.

Update 26 Nov 3 PM CST: Might be tomorrow on that press release, and I think the eGA date has been pushed to early next week.  Stay tuned for more details.

Update 27 Nov 10 AM CST: Adam Gartenberg has posted a blog entry about the Sametime 8 release.

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