Earlier this week, IBM and WISPubs launched the new SocialBiz User Group website. The new site replaces LotusUserGroup.org, though your username/password credentials from the old site will work just fine on the new one.

Why upgrade? Take a quick visit and it will be obvious:

  • New community features based on IBM Connections 4
  • New user interface and capabilities based on IBM Domino XPages
  • Social links to resources on ibm.com, SocialBizUG.org, and all over the collaboration solutions community

As the site says:
SocialBiz User Group’s mission is to:
Foster the IBM community—SocialBizUG.org provides a variety of features that allow members to collaborate and communicate with each other. Members can discuss their challenges, ongoing projects, success stories, and more on SocialBizUG.org. Everybody benefits when information is shared and people collaborate.
Create a dialog—There’s a lot to talk about in the market today and SocialBizUG.org gives you a platform to discuss your toughest IBM Notes and Collaboration Solutions projects. Engage with other customers, IBMers, and business partners to find new solutions to daily challenges. SocialBizUG.org strives to bring together the leading minds and experts in the community.
Enhance technical expertise—SocialBizUG.org is not just about collaborating, it is also about learning. This site is designed to help members learn more about the solutions they use now and the ones they are evaluating for the future.

As a bonus, IBM community managers, product managers, and other staff will be more directly involved in the content and community on this site, taking an ownership role as well as curation.

Nice job to Turtle Partnership, London Developer Co-op, Connectria, and of course WISPubs for the great new website.

Link: SocialBiz User Group.org >

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  1. 1  Sarah Cenedella http://www.socialbizug.org |

    Thanks Ed! We at WIS are very excited about this as well and welcome community members both new and from the LotusUserGroup.org site! We hope you like your new home!

  1. 2  Henning Heinz  |

    Connections may really be a great product behind the firewall but on the web? Not so sure. There already are various Connections sites out there. Imho none of them work. It really is a pain to go to e.g. Lotus Developer Works and see all those no response topics. It may be a great technical achievement to bring together all those technologies and produce something that "works" but I am not sure it is the best toll for managing an internet community.

    I can only speak for myself but there hardly is any content that is worth waiting 10+ seconds for a page response. But of course it is not my community. I wish you a successful and flourishing SocialBiz User Group (what a name).

  1. 3  D Smith http://www.managerplus.com/ |

    "I can only speak for myself but there hardly is any content that is worth waiting 10+" Yup!

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